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The prefect place to make a start and find out more about video marketing for your business. 
Topics Include:
  • Planning - how to create your message and plan your attack
  • Creating - How to get the most from a video camera, how to get great sound and how to present a video.
  • Publishing - What channels to use, how to format media for them and post in the most effective way.
  • + Lots of other tips and ideas to create better video content.
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate
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This Course is for anyone that wants to make professional looking video content using their smartphone.
Course Topics
  • Learn how to set up a professional looking shot.
  • Understand light and exposure and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Discover the most important rules for getting great sound.
  • Learn how to create the right video for specific social channels.
  • Get on top of file management and organisation to save time and headaches.
  • 60+ minutes of training videos / self directed learning.
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate
This Course is for entrepreneurs, thought leaders and professionals that want to build their personal brand on LinkedIn
Course Topics
  • Planning - How to generate ideas for video content and establish a winning strategy.
  • Creation - Choose the right equipment and learn how to film and edit professional looking content.
  • Publishing - How and when to publish. How to track your results and measure success.
  • 60+ minutes of training videos / self directed learning.
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate
This course will teach you or your team members to create professional video content ready to publish across the web.
Course Topics
  • Cameras & Kit - figure out what you need and how it works
  • Studios, light & sounds. Find out how to set up a filming space or get best results from your environment.
  • Live video, webinars & social - Level up your Zoom calls, introduce live video and master social publishing.
  • Interviews & presenting - Learn how to interview for testimonials or research. Gain confidence in presenting to camera.
  • 4 week course / 3 hours of training videos / weekly tutor sessions.
  • Level: Intermediate to advanced
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