Best Budget Clamp for Smartphones

Do you know what I see a lot of the time?

I see a lot of people doing this. La, la, la, la... wobble wobble

Let's face it, it's probably better if you put it on a tripod, then you've got your hands free to gesticulate.

And also things are going to look a little bit better. Now, you've probably seen one of these before. This is a clamp for a mobile phone. You can put it onto a tripod, but what is the difference between this one and loads of the other ones on the market?

Well, this one has got a cold shoe mount on the top. What's a cold shoe mount?

A cold shoe mount allows us to use extra items and tech and gadgets on top. So it fits in just like that. So this is a little light. If you want to find out about this light, you're going to have to watch the next video coming up.

Two other reasons. I like this particular one. Firstly, you can rotate the phone between landscape and portrait mode. And thirdly, it's got a small spirit level on the top, which means you can get it straight without having to worry too much about a crooked picture.

This one is a JJC smartphone stand. And if you want to get the link for it or any of the other bits of equipment that I recommend as the essential go-to pieces of tech for mobile phone video, you can download my guide.

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That's all for now. See you in the next video.