How To Make Editing Easy - with Adobe Rush

So what's the best editing software?

I have heard this question so many times, to be honest, there's lots of different answers. And I could go into a really long, detailed explanation of all the different packages that are out there. Most of which I don't use, but there's one that I really do, like, beyond Premiere Pro, which is the top end one that we use for all of our productions.
And that's Premiere Rush, which is like its little baby brother.

It's kind of like a little simple version that's stable and works well and fits in with other Adobe applications. And yet it's just dead simple to use. So I thought I'd do a really quick run through just a two minute overview of it. I've got a much longer tutorial that runs through it, which you can get access to at the end of this video if you want. But here are just the highlights of why I think Adobe Rush is great.

Okay. Here's the opening screen for Adobe Rush. This is about nine pounds a month, so it's pretty affordable. I think you can do three videos for free just so you can give it a try to start with so you can create a new project here. That's going to allow you to just go to a drive and select clips. I want that one, that one, that one, and then just click create. It's going to bring whichever clips that I've created into the project in the order that I've selected them in.

So if you've got a rough idea of what you want to do to start with, if you've been shooting in a linear format, then that works and then it plays through those clips on the timeline. Really simple. You can see down here, we've got the timeline with one, two, three clips that I've just placed on it there.

We can trim those by literally just grabbing the end of the clips and just making them a bit longer or a bit shorter. You can make it really easy to see where the voice stops
and starts by opening up the audio tracks. So you click here on expand audio. Now we can see where my voice has stopped there, for example, and that makes it really easy to cut. Over on the right you can do all these great things like add titles. You just click here, put your title on, drag it down onto wherever you want it. Then that title will literally just pop up over the top of the screen. And it's as simple as clicking on it and just typing whatever you want on top of the screen.

And then you can move that around. You can add in music, we can do, sound effects. We can add in color grades like you might have on Instagram, this kind of nice color grades, all of that kind of stuff over here. And then you click share up here and that literally just exports it out to a drive where you can upload it to YouTube or whatever you want.
It's really so simple. And you can do an edit in about 10 minutes. There's nothing complicated about it. You just trimmed down the edges of what you're doing. Put one, two, three clips together. You can put a title over the top, whatever you want.

You can do more. You can add music, you can make things a little bit more complicated, but really just to get a basic edit done. It's dead simple. So if you want my full 25 minutes tutorial, um, which you can access to go through Russian a little bit more detail and tell you about all the different features and functions and how you use them, then simply go to
and you'll be able to download it from there. I'll put the link down below this video as well. That's all for now. See you next time.