Got video clips? Let us edit them for you.

Here's how it works.
Step 1
We set up your account. You upload the clips for your vlog or presented video along with any notes or ideas for creation.
Step 2
We create a rough draft of your video within 4 working days and return it to you to check, along with a text transcription.
Step 3
You either sign off the draft if you're happy or send back changes by editing the transcription or providing notes.
Step 4
We finalise your video within 2 days and add subtitles if required. We export it and send it to you ready to upload to your favourite channel.
Step 5
We send you reminders to upload your next batch of video so we can hit your next deadline.
Step 6
You win the internet and level up your authority and presence with awesome video content.
Need a custom plan?
  • Different style of video
  • Different length of video
  • Animations or custom graphics
  • Filming at multiple locations
  • More than four videos per month