Do you need to full production process taken care of?
We can plan, film you on location and edit everything.
This is how it works.
Step 1
We set up your account and schedule a call to help you plan out three months worth of video content.
Step 2
We book a camera person to come and film for one full day at a UK location of your choice (two days if you choose the Pro package)
Step 3
You review and sign off the clips with the camera person on location.
Step 4
We edit the films and deliver them over the following three months according to the package you have chosen.
Step 5
We get a planning and filming date in the calendar for your next batch of content.
Step 6
You win the internet and level up your authority and presence with awesome video content.
What type of video can I make?
We want to help you stay front of mind with video. That means getting conversational and consistent. One of the keys to creating regular video is to keep it simple. Just like the one at the top of this page.

Our packages are designed around delivering high quality, well thought out simple video. That means one person per video, one location per video and one idea per video. If you want to communicate two ideas, make two videos!

This type of content is exactly what modern social media audiences want. Quick, easy to consume and useful.

Working like this means we can create lots of content in a short amount of time meaning you can get on with running your business.

If you need something more bespoke or tailored we can help you with that too. Please check out our sister site BlinkBack.