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Comprehensive online training 
to master the techniques of video production for marketing & communication.

This course starts on 4th May 2021
Here it is!

A way to train your team to make professional video content for marketing and sales
What is The Video Production Accelerator?

The Video Production Accelerator is a complete online course to help you or your team add video production to your skill set.

This allows companies to create more consistent in house content, to build their audiences, engage with prospects and clients and vitally, improve their digital presence. 

  • Online class, access it anytime on any device 24/7.
  • Weekly tutor led sessions. Tasks and Q&A sessions every week to progress student learning.
  • A library of pre recorded video training and resources .
  • Perfect whether you are starting out or already have some experience.
  • No stone is left unturned, you get everything you need to deploy this system.
It's the fastest and most cost effective way to get from scratch to the results you want.


+ If you want to reach more customers online and win more sales
+ If you want to stay front of mind on social media platforms with lots of great content.
+ If you want to train existing team members to broaden their skills.
+ If you want to train new recruits rather than pay higher salary's for pre-skilled applicants.
+ If you want to get the inside knowledge from a professional that has made hundreds of videos.

+ AND if you want to learn how to do all of this in just 4 weeks...

Then The Video Production Accelerator is for you.
"I am a self-described tech video course junkie... and at this point, I've experienced the good, bad and ugly of instruction in this format.

Whats great about David's courses is that he takes a lot of trouble to plan and deliver the material in a way that gets right to the point, while adding in plenty of demos and examples to keep things clear, practical and actionable.

You can't beat the triple threat of instruction that combines industry experience, real-life insights and actionable teaching."

Alexander Davidian
Here is what you are going to get when you enrol on the course
  • The Online Course MasterClass
  • Course Forum (ask questions and share your work)
  • Replays of all learning sessions
  • BONUS #1: Essential Equipment Guide
  • BONUS #2: Social Media Publishing Guide
As soon as you enrol you'll get an email notification for the start date

Class times will be scheduled but replays will be available.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Risk, No-Questions Asked, 
  • Order through our safe and secure order page & receive your username and password.
  • Get instant access to the student forum.
  • Digitally delivered class, login to access the training sessions. We'll notify you with start dates and times.
  • 4 tutor sessions are scheduled across 4 weeks + additional weekly online check-ins.
  • 14 days 100% money back guarantee.
  • Discounts for 3 or more students (contact us)
Course Content

Week 1 - Cameras & Filming
Camera types & features - which to choose
Tripods, gimbals & sliders

Understanding ISO, shutter speed and aperture.
Improving video resolution & quality.
How to shoot for landscape, portrait or square formats.
B-roll and screen language - how to make content look great.

Week 2 - Studio, lights & sound

Setting up a studio or filming space
Simple video lighting,
Working with ambient or natural light
Green screen tips

Sound & Microphones
Choosing a good sound environment
Sound proofing vs audio damping
Choosing the right microphone
Avoiding audio distractions.

Week 3 - Live Video, Webinars & Social
Zoom video tips
Webinars and live streaming
Streaming limits and recommendations
Screen capture, slideshows & video

Social media video specifications
Preparing and publishing content

Week 4 - Interviews & Presenting
Interview technique
Asking open questions
Context & continuity
Re-framing & rephrasing

Interviewing for testimonials

How to present for video
Presenting from bullet points
Tips for Teleprompters

"David is fantastic, very clear and the demonstrations are very well done.

His courses are very professional and easy to follow as well.

I highly recommend David's services and training."
Daniel Vlad
What is The Investment to Get Access?

That's a good question, when I taught at the University of Sussex students would pay £9000 a year to take the courses that we taught. Often those courses were based on ideas that didn't work in the real world. They weren't commercially driven and they didn't respond to shifts and changes in the digital landscape.

At the other end of the spectrum you could go and search YouTube and find out how to use this tool or that technique. The videos will be hit and miss, the time spent searching will be high and the YouTubers probably won't have that much experience in creating courses or commercial video content.

In the video company that I run we produce bespoke content for businesses and the costs start from £1000 per video. But the challenge with that is that businesses need REGULAR content. Not just one or two pieces a year.

With The Video Production Accelerator I wanted to create training that was focused, fast and cost effective.

So I've deliberately kept the cost at a sensible price so that you can train your whole team to make better video.

I've also created other modular courses for editing and personal branding so that you can train individuals in different skills and mix and match the learning to fit your requirements.

So here’s what you want to do next

+ Click on the button below right now
+ When you do you’ll reach the safe and secure order page.
+ Simply add your information and choose your enrolment options.
+ You will then immediately reach the thank you page and receive your login details.
+ That is going to give you instant access to Student Forum, and I'll send a confirmation email about the start of the course.

Every thing is taught with very easy and simple action steps so you can get up and running extremely fast


+ If you want to reach more customers online

+ If you want to improve your digital presence.

+ And if you want to get your team trained in a hassle free effective way

Then The Video Production Accelerator is for you.

Introductory rate is £795 £495 for the full 4 weeks
One thing you are going to love about this program aside from the awesome stuff you are going to learn is the TRIPLE Guarantee

Here it is:

Complete the program, watch all the videos, implement everything, do all the exercises. Do everything I am going to teach you

+ If you are not happy for any reason
+ If you simply don’t feel this is for you
+ Or even if you don’t like my accent or the shirts I am wearing in the videos :)

You’ll get 100% of your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED EVER
So go ahead, Click the Enrol Now Button right now To Secure Your Spot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend the sessions at specific times?
Each module session will run at a scheduled time. This is so we can keep the exercises and pace of the course moving.

BUT if you can't make the session the video will be available afterwards. Just make sure you watch it before the next session.
How do you bill for multiple team members?
We've kept the price sensible so that you can train your whole team. That means each student seat purchased will get their own login and be able to post their own work and questions. 

We're happy to work out discounts for your business.

Example discounts:

4 team members for the price of 3
10 team members for the price of 7

Contact us using the email address on the next page if you'd like us to invoice you for multiple members.
Do I need to invest in other equipment?
This course is a beginner to pro level course. To get the most out of the skills you learn you should invest in some good equipment. 

However this doesn't mean blowing £20k on the latest technology. I have provided some equipment guides that will suite a range of budgets. Many of the techniques you learn will also be transferrable to smartphone filming for added flexibility.

Will I have access to the content forever?
Yes! Well, forever is a long time!

There are pre recorded videos with this course that you will have access to forever.

As long as we are offering courses the content will be available on our site.

If we ever remove it we'll make it available on a public platform like YouTube.

The live recorded tutor sessions will only be available for a limited time during the course schedule.

So go ahead, Click the Enroll Now Button right now To Secure Your Spot